Christy Woods

Corporate Trainer, Writer, Editor

How many mistakes can you find in the following sentences?

  1. One year after the Fenton Corporation published its company policies, less than twenty of their 90 executive’s were operating within the perimeters of principle company guidelines, irregardless of the importance that had been placed on it’s application. (8 errors)
  2. You marked the package confidential, however, the secretary whom received it decided to open it and read it’s contents. (4 errors)
  3. To assure a positive outcome for the program which was designated as "president's choice", the steering committee drafted a complex detailed outline. (4 errors)
  4. No one was happy with the results of the test, we rechecked the information to determine their accuracy but can not find any errors. (3 errors)
  5. The constant conflict between the accounting department, the back office, and the production team are creating serious stress everyday through out the organization. (4 errors)
  6. While driving on Greenwood avenue yesterday afternoon a tree fell onto Wendy Hendersons car. (2 errors)
  7. For forteen days the urgent request had laid on Mr. Petersons' desk that Sarah had written. (4 errors)
  8. Executive director Marlene Ringhiser addressed the staff and inferred she wanted the Dreyfus report completed for tomorrows thirty minute meeting; although the projects deadline is next Wednesday. (5 errors)
  9. I thought the speaker at the November, 2005 conference was awesome, don't you think he responded real quick to audience questions? (4 errors)
  10. She won the race easily, in fact she set a state record. Her consistent practice sessions or perhaps her determination make her a strong competitor. (3 errors)

Corrected sentences can be found here. You are also welcome to email your answers to me at [email protected], and I will respond with a list of explanations with the correct answers.